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Angry Old Man

C. Nyle-Dekkay

For obvious reasons the author of this blog prefers not to reveal his identity. So let’s just call him ‘C. Nyle-Dekkay’ (CND for short).

He is a semi-retired octogenarian, now living in Northern England, a Londoner born amid the Great Depression of the 1930’s and schooled during the British capital’s firestorm blitz of World War Two.

Post war, and In his mid-teens, CND spent two seminal years in the USA, where he formed many friendships.

He also learned that there’s a schism larger than the Grand Canyon separating the democracy-loving American public from their corrupt political system.

On returning to the UK in 1949, CND was conscripted into the British Army rising to the heady rank of Private, during which time he held Joe Stalin at bay for a period of two years.

To the relief of the British War Office and its US military masters, CND finally returned to civilian life and a career in the marketing business – during which time he renewed old stateside acquaintances via numerous business trips.

Since retirement, CND again visited many old stamping grounds, touring from Maine to Florida, taking in Los Angeles, Arizona, Atlanta and North Carolina en route. He is second to none in his admiration and affection for the American people.

The lessons of history, life and business, however, have convinced CND that the American public has done nothing to deserve their succession of corrupt governments, effectively controlled by the bully-boys of Big Business and the all-powerful US military establishment.

Which, of course, is America’s problem.

Regrettably, however, for reasons explained elsewhere in this blog, it is also a problem imposed on a held-to-ransom UK.



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